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ProSolar – Solar Management Software powered by Salesforce
We enable growth and address the key challenges in the Solar Industry; helping you deliver 360° value to your customers, employees and shareholders

Let ProQuest transform your business and help you move quickly towards operational excellence.

With demand higher than ever, fast-growing energy companies need to take charge and face the difficult challenges of operational scalability, ensuring they are equipped with the right technology to help them accelerate ahead of their competition.

We’re a leading partner for the Solar Industry, with 3+ years of experience with solar clients, and up to 6000+ consulting and implementation hours under our belt. We can help you to:

  • Boost operational efficiency and decrease installation time via Smart Scheduling
  • Improve the installer experience and increase satisfaction rates
  • Enhance your customer journey; making it seamless for customers to experience your offerings

ProSolar Accelerator is: 

  • A comprehensive Sales and Field Service management solution tailored for the solar industry, managing both residential and commercial customer
  • Includes the Technical Review (CEC Design) of an order and pre-installation checklist
  • Allows for Smart Scheduling of installation jobs to installers (employees or contractors)
  • Job dispatch and notifications  to installers and customers
  • Mobile App for installers driving the job execution process incl. initial risk assessment, installed product selection and serial number scanning, photos and information matching STC claim requirements, job completion and capture of installer on-glass signature

 Our solar industry expertise…

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