Public Sector Solutions

Public Sector Solutions
ProQuest has developed a range of solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of public servants to best serve the citizens

Digital transformation is increasingly becoming a public sector imperative

It’s important to improve both the citizen experience and the working environment of the employees working in a council setting.

Many governments are lagging behind the corporate world in tackling the power of digital and this is where ProQuest can help. ProQuest has developed a range of solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of public servants and enhance the citizen experience.

How ProQuest can help your council harness the power of digitalisation and improve business outcomes…

ProQuest has real experience working with local governments and other large organisations to bring their data and systems together, enhancing what they can achieve for their citizens.

ProQuest can start with a solution for a single department within a local government (eg. Roads, Temporary Traffic Management, Domestic Animal Services) but then leverage from that starting point by evolving a common holistic platform for every team and department within the organisation. This eventually removes the complexities that arise from having many poorly integrated and disparate systems servicing the citizen population.

ProQuest harnesses the power of Salesforce to  transform your business. Traditionally recognised for its capability in customer relationship management, the Salesforce platform has expanded significantly over the years and now enables the automation of workflows across a myriad of council services, with efficient digital engagement with citizens. This extends to case management, field service, citizen portals for digital engagement, and integration to core systems such as GIS and asset management systems.

Our work with…

ACT Government

The team at ProQuest are implementing a range of services for the ACT Government which involves the rationalisation of various legacy systems into a strategic and cohesive Salesforce platform.

ProQuest Consulting has been engaged with TCCS to implement an all-embracing Customer Service Request Management (CSRM) system with a focus on optimally triaging and servicing a wide range of incidents or issues coming in from ACT citizens, including; Domestic Animal Services, Roads Maintenance, Temporary Traffic Management, Stormwater Drain Maintenance,
Urban Treescape Management, Parks and Barbeque, Graffiti Management,
Community Buses, Licensing and Compliance, and many more.

Worksafe ACT

ProQuest was also recently engaged by Worksafe ACT to modernise their case management system with Salesforce. Then when new labour hire legislation was introduced on May 25 2021, time was critical in ensuring that a new system was immediately available to support the change. ProQuest once again harnessed the flexibility of Salesforce to deliver the system on time.

The imperative here was for the ACT’s work Health and Safety commissioner, Jacqueline Agius, to be able to systematically oversee strict new licensing laws for labour hire companies. New laws to require labour hire companies to have a licence before they can employ people in Canberra came into effect on May 27 2021. Companies then had until November 2021 to apply for and receive their licences. At its heart the legislation is there to protect workers. Labour hire providers who are not licensed will now face compliance and enforcement action.

Digital Transformation

The multiple services in the diagram below list the kinds of activities that are common to many business units within the same organisation. The coloured hexagons represent just a subset of the multiple departments that may need solutions. Adopting the Salesforce platform allows the adoption of a common platform such that re-usable business processes can be built once and re-used multiple times across these departments. Typically we need to integrate with Asset Management systems such as Assetic, or document management systems such as Objective, or GIS systems such as ESRI’s ArcGIS.

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