Salesforce Summer ’21 Highlights

Stephen Izod

Customer Success Manager

June 28, 2021

What’s new with Summer ‘21?

Since June 14th, the Salesforce Summer ’21 release is now live in Production Orgs across Australia.

Having reviewed the release notes, the ProQuest Team has put together a list of exciting new features you can begin to take advantage of as a Salesforce Admin right now!

  • The all new “Your Account” App
    • The new Your Account App is a one stop shop for System Admins to manage their Account with Salesforce
    • Manage your contracts, licences, products etc.
    • Get support and send Salesforce feedback from within the App.
  • Easier tracking of licences in the Lightning Usage App
    • View a chart of your orgs licences in the Lightning Usage App within Salesforce
    • This is auto-enabled – navigate via the app-launcher to “Lightning Usage App”, and click “Active Licences” to see the breakdown.

  • Update Fields from the Report Run Page (Beta)
    • When running a report, you no longer need to navigate away to an individual record to update field values.
    • The new in-line report editor allows you to change field values directly from the report viewer.
  • Auto-Add fields to report types
    • Upon realising that a field is not included in your report, we are required to navigate to that Report Type in Setup and manually add this field.
    • The new “Auto-Add Fields” checkbox is available when creating new fields, and ensures the new field is immediately available for reporting without the need to manually add it.

  • Download a Dashboard image to a PNG File
    • Presenting a Salesforce Dashboard? You’re now able to download this Dashboard as a PNG image file. No more need for screenshots!
  • See Record Access Reasons
    • It’s a common pain – point to try and figure out why one person is able to see a particular record and another isn’t.
    • Salesforce has solved this issue with the Sharing Hierarchy button.
    • You see the record access the user has, and the reason for the access in the displayed table.

  • Expirations for Permission Set Assignments (Beta)
    • Permission Set Assignments open up access to other-wise locked down Salesforce functionality.
    • If a person only temporarily requires this access, why not specify a time in which these permissions should be granted?
  • Mass Actions in Split View
    • Split View can be utilised to display a records detail and a list view together on your screen
    • From the list view, we are now able to configure Mass Actions, meaning you can update multiple records in one swift action.

  • Pipeline Inspection offers a speedy way to view the health of their Sales Pipeline
    • Viewable through the Opportunities tab, Inspection allows you to:
      • 1) Choose to view a user or teams opportunities in your pipeline
      • 2) Click a particular metric to show all relevant opportunities in the pipeline
      • 3) Filter the criteria of Opportunities you’d like to view.
      • 4) Highlighted info & coloured arrows show recent changes made to the Opportunity.

  • Connect with Customers / Prospects via LinkedIn with the Native Sales Navigator
    • Sales reps can see LinkedIn profiles on lead, contact, opportunity, and account pages.
    • They also have the option to send InMails and connection requests with native Lightning actions

  • Email Reporting
    • To analyse which emails are most effective, and who sends them, use Salesforce’s new out of the box email reports.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration
    • Mention Salesforce records in Teams to facilitate collaboration
    • Preview details of records that others post
    • Pin records to channel tabs for easy access
    • Keep records up to date with inline editing
    • Post important conversation moments to Salesforce record Chatter feeds directly from Teams

If any of these new features are of interest, please reach out for further discussion on enabling these in your org, we’d be happy to help!


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