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July 27, 2023

About Nikon Healthcare

On June 17th 2021, Nikon announced the launch of Nikon Healthcare and their entry into the Australian microscope market, focusing on improving the quality of life for people through digital solutions in the educational, clinical and research fields.

Nikon quickly realised they needed a proper CRM to manage leads, track opportunities and quotes, stay on top of their pipeline, but also deliver efficiently the installations of the purchased products.

Once again, Nikon reached out to ProQuest for a fast implementation of their Sales & Service Cloud solution, and we did not disappoint.


Within 6 weeks only, working closely with the Nikon Healthcare team following our PQScrum methodology, we were able to successfully implement and deliver a Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud platform that addressed their key challenges:

  • Customer 360: Effortlessly import customer details form Excel files and easily track leads, customers, account hierarchy, and interactions across the organisation.
  • Automated Lead Manager: Rules define automated lead assignment and automated lead conversions based on key criteria for maximum productivity.
  • Efficient Pipeline Management: Reps stay on top of their game with tailored pipeline stages, stage-based notifications, reminders, and alerts prompting to engage with clients.
  • Streamlined Quoting: Quote creation automation reduced need for manual data entry and minimised errors while applying pricing rules and discount schemes specific to each customer.
  • Efficient Order Management: Purchase order workflow triggered on opportunity closure.
  • Order Management: Automated order processing notifications promptly sent out providing clients with all necessary information
  • Account Manager Notifications: Automated notifications trigger on key events like inventory updates.
  • Efficient Pipeline Management: Reps stay on top of their game with tailored pipeline stages, stage-based notifications, reminders, and alerts prompting to engage with clients.
  • Manifest Checklist: Triggered from order installation completion and customer sign off.
  • Customer Feedback Survey: Customer satisfaction validation upon product delivery.

Our comprehensive solution empowers Nikon Healthcare’s team to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their valued customers.

Customer Testimonial

“ProQuest operates in a structured project environment from discovery to work package delivery. The teams are focused and outcome driven. Our business has realised the efficiencies and process improvement across the Australian workforce and its customers to deliver strong controls.”

James Boyden
Ex-General Manager, eCommerce & Customer Experience
Nikon Australia

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