New Project Coordinator: Meet Ankit

New Project Coordinator: Meet Ankit

ProQuest Consulting

July 24, 2023

Meet our new Project Coordinator, Ankit! He moved to Australia to complete his Masters in Project Management with a specialisation in IT. Since then he has gathered experience across web development, customer service and project management and is passionate about enabling others to gain greater value through improving their productivity and profitability. He is excited to use his skills and learnings to help clients maximise their operations.

We asked her a few questions to get to know him a bit better…

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?
I love sports, such as cricket, tennis and dance. I also love to try new food, taste different cuisines and make them as well.
I love art, I enjoy drawing and I would say I have a good sense of colour. I love listening to techno music and am also a board game enthusiast, usually playing hour long marathons of Risk or Dungeon and Dragons with friends.

What impact do you want to achieve while working with ProQuest?
I want to use the skills that I have developed from my Masters in Project Management to deliver projects for clients. I really want to be customer focused, just like Salesforce and help them maximise their productivity and profitability.

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

I can sing both English and Bollywood songs and would probably sing “As It Was” by Harry Styles. I am a fan, but I also like rock and pop music.

What is the one website (or app) you can’t live without?
WhatsApp & Instagram- I use them mainly for communications with family and friends.

What is your favourite part of working from home?
You don’t have to dress up, it’s very easy and convenient. It gives you more flexibility – you can roam around and work and gain extra hours of sleep when you have a meeting early in the morning.

What attracted you to ProQuest?
The job itself – I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, so when I saw the job profile, the role, ProQuest’s clients and people, I thought that it would be a great place to work. I really think that people here are transparent while working with others, and the more transparency, the better.

What did you think? Let us know your thoughts!

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