Empowering you to self-sufficiency through bespoke training sessions tailored to your exact needs.
Maximise User Engagement
We design customised training material and training sessions to kick-start the learning process for your staff. Not only do we teach them how to use the Salesforce platform, but we demonstrate how it can make their lives easier. Because that's what Salesforce is all about: maximising efficiency to save everyone's time and energy.
Do It Yourself
Salesforce is the best cloud platform in the world because of its endless list of out-of-the-box features and how easy it is to configure them. We will reveal exactly how these Salesforce features works, and show you how to adjust them to your specific needs.
Learn magic tricks
You certainly don't need to know everything about Salesforce, but getting to know some tips and tricks about Salesforce administration can make a huge difference for your company. Change labels, enforce validations, automate email notifications, schedule reports, and more. We will teach you everything you need to know to take your use of Salesforce to the next level.

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ProQuest Consulting is a leading Salesforce partner. ProQuest works to empower companies in Australia and New Zealand to achieve higher performance through the delivery of tailored Salesforce solutions using disciplined Agile Scrum methodology.
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