New Senior Project Manager: Meet Hanna

Audrey Neale

Marketing Manager

May 2, 2018

We have a new Senior Project Manager to introduce! Hanna Lum has been working successfully across APAC and Europe with telcos, media and airlines companies for the past fourteen years. Prior to becoming a Project Manager, she used to be an analyst programmer and pre-sales engineer. Traveling is Hanna’s greatest passion – she’s traveled through 75 countries so far – and she has been contributing photos and travel articles (written in Chinese) to magazines and newspapers. When she’s not exploring a new place, she loves to read.

Here’s a bit more about her:

What is your favourite city you’ve visited and why?

The most memorable country for me is Pakistan, because it’s very different from what I imagined. The people are extremely nice. And… I fell sick every time when I reached there. The first hospital I visited in my life was in Pakistan too.

What’s your favourite book?

“The Monk who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I used to travel a lot for work and personal (visited 75 countries so far), but since I moved back to Sydney in late 2015, the figure hasn’t increased. 🙂

 What is the one website (or app) you can’t live without?

Google Maps!

What is your favourite place to go in Sydney?

I really enjoy exploring the National Parks.

What is your favourite restaurant or go-to food in Sydney?

I always go for various types of Asian good. Vietnamese and Thai food are the top-2 favourites.

What attracted you to ProQuest?

Salesforce, small onshore-only company (easier for Agile Scrum implementation), like-minded values discovered during the interview process, multi-cultural

What is your favourite part about working at ProQuest so far?

The ways of doing things are well planned and organised (discovered from the D1 onboarding session with Kate).

Great to have you on board, Hanna!

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